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Lent 2024: Rediscovering Prayer

Wednesday 14th February 2024

This Lent, we are going back to the basics of prayer in response to a special invitation from Pope Francis.

2024 has been designated a Year of Prayer by Pope Francis, in preparation for next year’s Pilgrims of Hope Jubilee.

In the months leading up to the Jubilee, beginning in Advent 2024, Pope Francis invites us to go back to the basics of prayer, with a particular focus on the Our Father, and to rediscover what exactly we mean by prayer and what it brings to our faith lives.

In support of this journey, we will be sharing a range of resources throughout the season of Lent – from weekly reflections on the Our Father, to nature-inspired prayer resources from our Laudato Si’ Centre, and an in-depth exploration of different types of prayer from our Youth and Young Adults Ministry Team.

Over the coming weeks, we challenge you to take up Pope Francis’ invitation, to go back to the fundamentals of prayer and begin that journey of rediscovery to nurture our faith lives in the lead up to Holy Week.

Explore the sections below to find out more about our Lenten resources.

Going Back to Basics: Reflections on the Our Father

Join us this Lent as we respond to Pope Francis’ invitation to reacquaint ourselves with The Lord’s Prayer through a series of short reflections. Throughout Lent, we will be joined by clergy, religious, and lay people from across the diocese as we unpick this all-familiar prayer to discover it anew in this season of Lent.

Meditate along with our weekly reflections by following us on Facebook, Instagram, and X, or the YouTube playlist below:


We Dare to Say

Working alongside our series of Our Father reflections, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales has shared a wonderful resource called “We Dare to Say”. This booklet brings together a range of prayers, reflections, readings, and beautiful artwork to facilitate a deep dive into The Lord’s Prayer, set out over five manageable chapters. Each chapter works perfectly as a reflection session for parish prayer groups.

Click here to access the booklet online now, or email our Jubilee Coordinator, Fr Chris Lough ( for further information.

Journeying through Lent: Rediscovering Prayer

Our diocesan Youth and Young Adults Ministry team is inviting young people to join them on a special journey of prayer this Lent. Each week, our chaplains and young adults will explore a different type of prayer – from praying the traditional prayers to praying with the scriptures or with creation.

Our young adults’ prayer journey ends with a focus on Eucharistic Adoration and a challenge to attend Adoration during Holy Week. If your parish is holding any special times of Adoration, please email us at so we can share details from across the diocese.

You can pray along with the series on Instagram and Facebook, or the YouTube playlist below:

Pray Every Day Challenge

Fr James Manock, our diocesan Director of Liturgical Formation, has shared a daily prayer resource for Lent.

Please click here for a PDF to guide your Lenten Prayer Journey.

Praying with our Laudato Si’ Centre

Walk with Christ through each step of His Passion this Holy Week with a special nature-themed prayer reflection from our very own Laudato Si’ Centre. From his triumphant entry into Jerusalem to his piercing crown of thorns, death, and resurrection, our team at the centre will use natural prayer aids to help us reflect during this week. Follow our Facebook, Instagram, and X social media channels for further updates.

The Centre will also be hosting an outdoor Stations of the Cross in the beautiful setting of its woodland area on Saturday 16th March. Further details will be announced in due course.

For a special Ash Wednesday podcast recorded by our Environment and Learning Officer, Emily Cahill, please see the video below:

Other Resources

As always, Catholic charities and organisations will be sharing their resources during this season of Lent. Here are one or two you might like to explore.

Caritas Diocese of Salford 



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