Caritas Diocese of Salford

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Who we are

Caritas Diocese of Salford is the principal domestic social action agency of the diocese.

Our Vision

Our vision is for a society where there is justice and equality and where the voices of those experiencing poverty, disadvantage and/or discrimination are heard, valued and acted upon so that all people can live in peace and dignity.

What We Do

Put simple, we put Love into Action

Our mission is to help those across the Diocese of Salford, experiencing poverty, disadvantage and discrimination to transform their lives with dignity.

We provide a practical response to those in crisis, suffering hardship or who are at risk. We rebuild lives for the long-term, enabling people to live in a safe, healthy and secure environment.

We call for a better, more just world where the voices of the poor are heard and acted upon and positively influence the systems, decisions and resources that affect those in need.

What We Believe

Informed by the life and teaching of Jesus Christ in the Gospel and Catholic Social Teaching we draw on over 100 years of experience in supporting people experiencing crisis and challenges in across our diocese.

We believe that the life and dignity of the human person is the foundation for our work.  As a Catholic charity we have the right and duty, therefore, to act to protect this and to advocate where this is any way threatened.  Consequently we work in areas specifically to support children and families, to promote community life, solidarity and the Common Good.

We also act to protect and promote those experiencing poverty through the preferential option for the poor, the dignity of work and rights of workers and seek to ensure the effective stewardship of God’s creation for the good of all.

Our History

Caritas Diocese of Salford was created in 2008 by Bishop Terence Brain and in April 2010, incorporated the work of Catholic Children’s Rescue Society, Catholic Welfare Services, Catholic Family Care in order to bring together the work of individual charities created over the past 125 years. In 2011, St Joseph’s Mission to the Deaf, Justice and Peace and Racial Justice also joined Caritas, widening the remit of the charity’s work.

We have a long history and have demonstrated the ability to adapt to whatever the future brings.

To read more about the active projects we are involved, to get involved or to donate to our work to support those experiencing poverty, discrimination and disadvantage, please visit our website.