An effective structure of governance in safeguarding is vital in ensuring effective accountability, fair practice, transparency, risk management, legal compliance, ethical considerations, and continuous improvement. This prioritises the protection of children, vulnerable adults, and the wellbeing of survivors of abuse.

The two mechanisms of safeguarding governance in the Diocese are:

Safeguarding Advisory Panel

The Safeguarding Advisory Panel (SAP) at the Diocese meets quarterly with the primary objective of discussing particularly complex safeguarding work. Members of the panel comprise of safeguarding experts from statutory bodies such as the police, probation service, children & adult services, and education.

The well-rounded panel membership, alongside advisors from the Diocese aims to ensure the safeguarding practices in the Diocese are as effective as possible to keep children and adults at risk safe, whilst maintaining vital independence and objectivity. The outcomes allow the safeguarding team to present fully developed safeguarding recommendations to the Bishop for consideration and accountability.

Members of the Safeguarding Advisory Panel are:

Chair – Prof Michelle McManus

Robert Ganley

Dr Maria Cunningham

DS Wendy Grace

Phil Saunders

Fr Christopher Dawson (trustee)

Sr Philomena McCluskey

Mgr Michael Kujacz (advisor)

Rachel McGee (advisor)

Lorraine Leonard (advisor)

Jenny Clayton (advisor)

Kirstie McLachlan (advisor)

Danny Islip (advisor)

Nathan Keogh (advisor)

Safeguarding Committee

The Safeguarding Committee meets quarterly with the primary objective of overseeing day-to-day safeguarding practices and strategically reviewing safeguarding operations. With this information, the committee advises the Diocesan trustees in discharging its duties in relation to safeguarding. This is to adhere to the trustees’ legal and regulatory duties, canon law of the Catholic Church and Charity Commission guidance.

Members of the Committee include advisors from heads of Curial departments, Diocesan trustees, and the Bishop of Salford. The Committee is chaired by Sir Peter Fahy who also sits as the safeguarding trustee for the Diocese of Salford.

Committee Members

Right Reverend John Arnold (Bishop of Salford)

Sir Peter Fahy (Chair)

Edward Nally

Fr Christopher Dawson

Canon Michael Cooke VG


Jenny Clayton

Hannah Howard

Rachel McGee

Pauline Morgan

Simon Smith