What we do

The Property Office are responsible for the upkeep, maintenance and development of property, health and safety arrangements for all parishes and the Diocese. Additionally the Property Office provide advice and support on all aspects of school buildings including presenting and managing bids, oversight of school buildings projects, etc.

Our mission is to ensure the effective maintenance, repair and development of the diocesan and parish estates to provide a safe, well-managed environment, delivered through a strategic approach in a professional, efficient and cost effective manner focused on the needs of parishes and the wider community.

Who we are

John Corrigan, Director of Property and Facilities Management
Matthew Barnes, Building Surveyor
David Farrington, Building Surveyor
Waheed Masters, Senior Technical Officer
Stephanie Connor, Property Officer

Contact: 0161 817 2203

Resources and Forms

Property Management Handbook

Our Property Management Handbook can be found by clicking here

Parish Building Forms

Form P1

Form P2

Form P3

Form P4

School Building Forms

Form A – Approval to DFC Expenditure 2020

Form B – Approval to Capital Expenditure 2020

Form C – Professional Agreement May 2020

Form K – Approval to Additional Costs 2020

Form L – Tender Report 2020

Form M – Final Costs 2020

Guidance Note 2020

Boundaries Board 

Chairman: Rev Mgr John Corcoran
St Michael & St John
Tel (01200) 423307

Officers: Rev Michael Waters, Rev Ian Farrell

Consultant: Rev David Lannon

Historic Churches Commitee

Under the ecclesiastical exemption provisions of the Town and Country Planning Act, listed churches are exempt from the requirement to obtain Listed Building Consent from their Local Authority for works of repair and refurbishment, providing they obtain approval from the Historic Churches Committee. Applications must first be approved by the Diocesan Finance Committee.