Thy Kingdom Come

Thursday 21st May 2020

Thy Kingdom Come is a global prayer movement that invites Christians around the world to pray from Ascension to Pentecost for more people to come to know Jesus.

Since its start in May 2016, God has grown Thy Kingdom Come from a dream of possibility into a movement. In 2019 Christians from 172 countries took part in praying ‘Come Holy Spirit’, so that friends and family, neighbours and colleagues might come to faith in Jesus Christ.  While this year may be different and mostly taken part at home, we can still get involved from home.

Thy Kingdom Come have come up with a few ways that your family and church can get involved.

Prayer and Care

Inspired by the love and kindness shown by people so far through the coronavirus pandemic, a new strand has been added to this year’s Thy Kingdom Come, which is to put your faith into action and care for those you are praying for. Whether this is a friendly phone call or sharing a book or small gift you think someone may enjoy, you can make a big difference.

Continuous Prayer

Why not consider hosting a continuous virtual prayer event? It could be held for 24/1, 24/7 or 240 hours of prayer 24/10! You may wish to connect with other churches locally from different denominations or even connect with churches in different parts of the world. For example, if you are a church based in the UK, could you team up with a church based in Australia and take it in turns to do continuous prayer – 12-hour shift patterns?

Pray Together at Regular Times

Praying for people to come to know the love, hope and peace found in Christ is at the heart of Thy Kingdom Come. Could your church set up regular, daily patterns of prayer using phone or technology to hold these people in prayer or adapt existing morning and evening prayer times to do so? Or you could even commit to saying the Lord’s Prayer daily, at a particular time of day?


Thy Kingdom Come have produced a series of resource, including a Prayer Journal with reflections, Bible verses and actions.

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