Readers: “Get closer to the Lord”

Wednesday 20th November 2019

In the month since the launch of Stage Three of Hope in the Future, Living the Sunday Eucharist, we have seen an array of training opportunities which are helping parishioners in our diocese to put their faith into action.

Most recently, Marian Tolley presented a training day for Ministers of the Word.  She offered a prayerful perspective paired with practical action for readers in our diocese, to help them in their own formation and in immersing themselves in the Mass in their own parishes.

She shared with attendees some top tips for ensuring they are as good as they can be in their reading.


She advised readers to work with others, listening and telling them about the readings to bring them alive and to pray with the text to find its meaning in the reader’s own life.


Marian suggested that readers study the passage in its context in the bible – the whole story, not just one specific passage.  She suggested readers could look at Scripture commentaries and determine the style of the passage as narrative, poetry or argument and so they could reflect that in their reading.


Practicing offers readers the opportunity to take into account basic communication skills: having positive body language, making eye contact and deciding on the volume and pace of delivery.  It was suggested that this is a great stage for getting help and asking for feedback.


Kindly critique yourself, or ask a trusted friend for their perspective on your reading. That way, you can continue to grow and develop a deeper understanding of the reading.

Marian Tolley offers some further advice for readers in the video below.

In the next few months, there will be training days held for Eucharistic Ministers and for musicians to develop their skills in Music and Liturgy.

To find out about upcoming Hope in the Future training days and formation lectures, click here 

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