Pastoral Letter from Bishop John

Sunday 31st December 2017

As we enter the New Year Bishop John has called on us to “trust in a God who is ever-present to us and never fails in His love for us.”

In a Pastoral Letter to mark the feast of the Holy Family, the Bishop provided an update on the diocesan project- Hope in the Future- saying:

“Our pastoral project “Hope in the Future” has begun well in more than half of our parishes. Other parishes will follow at the right time for them and this project will also make an impact in our schools. Many communities have reported that they were not aware of all that is already being achieved and how much is going on in our parishes. We are right to celebrate this good work and the generosity of so many people who dedicate their time and their skills. “Hope in the Future” will help us to see how we may strengthen our faith and spirituality through our prayer and liturgy and catechesis and how we can engage in our society particularly in reaching out to the marginalised, the poor and the isolated.”

Looking ahead to the forthcoming year, Bishop John went on to highlight two major events happening within Britain and Ireland in 2018:

“During this year we will be close to two important events and I hope that many from our Diocesan family will be able to participate. In August, Dublin will host “The Gospel of the family – Joy for the World” at which it is reliably believed Pope Francis will be present. The family remains a sure foundation within our Church and beyond, and the alternatives are not providing security for adults or children, often with tragic consequences. We need to give time to understanding how we strengthen family and encourage its essential place in our lives.

In September, Liverpool will host the celebration “Adoremus” which will focus on the importance of the Eucharist. I would hope that our parish communities may come to value times of Eucharistic Adoration which really does have a positive impact in so many ways in our parish life. In a way it can be the simplest of prayers: We can just look at God and let God look at us.”

The Pastoral letter can be read here and listened to here.

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