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Friday 12th January 2018

Thank you to all those who have started the on the journey and for what you have done so far in helping your parish become ever more missionary.

Over the next few months many parishes will continue with the first stage of their Hope in the Future journey and we look forward to sharing these journeys with you.

As we start a new year we are pleased to share with you the next set of resources which includes an overview of the many Diocesan events taking place this year, an outline of the programme’s five stage plan and some prayer resources to use in your parish throughout Lent, Holy Week and into Pentecost. There is also a timetable for the upcoming Formation Days which will equip us for our Mission and Evangelisation efforts.

These resources along with previous resources and suggested reading can be viewed here. 

Hope in the Future is an invitation to every parish in the Diocese to recognise and develop their missionary identity and their call to evangelise. A missionary parish will have a focus on evangelisation: deepening our relationship with Jesus Christ, and inviting others to get to know him and the Gospel message.

As we mentioned in the previous resources, there are five stages and the first stage of this new development is that each parish is asked to recognise and celebrate all that is already taking place in terms of the three key words, “Welcome”, “Engagement”, and “Outreach”.

Already we have parishioners, and parish groups, who are bringing the gospel to others in many different forms of


The Parish is a place where all may come and meet God and find a place in the community of the
Body of Christ = Service in the Liturgy and Hospitality.


The Parish is a place where everyone is called to be a member of Christ and a minister of the Good
News of the Kingdom of God = Commitment of all parishioners.


The Parish is a place where, nourished by our meeting with Christ, we are charged to do God’s work
in the world = Service in Charity and Community.

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