Mass for the Pandemic

Salford Cathedral
Sunday 7th November 2021

Throughout November, Catholic cathedrals across the country are holding Masses for the Pandemic.

During this month, we pray for the souls of the deceased and remember especially those who died during the COVID-19 pandemic. These acts of remembrance have particular weight at the moment, as restrictions ease and normality begins to return.

On Sunday 7th November at 11am, the Diocese of Salford will host our own Mass for the Pandemic at Salford Cathedral. This Mass is an opportunity to remember all those who have died, and to acknowledge and give thanks to all of those who cared for the ill and the dying during the pandemic.

Everyone is welcome to attend this mass, but we would like to extend a special invitation to healthcare professionals, care workers and hospice workers around the diocese.

We will remember the deceased and draw attention to the Christian attitude towards care, exemplified by the compassion and commitment of our healthcare workers during this unprecedented time.

We hope to welcome many of you on the day, but you can also watch via our live stream here.

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