Sunday 25th November 2018

No one thinks twice about altering an image before posing it on social media – it’s all just part of the process of attracting as many likes and comments as possible. But are we all guilty of using filters in other parts of our lives to mask our true self?

#justonefilter is the theme for this year’s National Youth Sunday, which the Church celebrates on Sunday 25th November, the feast of Christ the King. As part of the theme we are asking young people to look at where they use filters in their lives.

We might present our lives to others through the filter of money and wealth – having all the right stuff, the right trainers, listening to the right music, being seen in the right places – and presenting an image of being strong, independent and happy when we feel that life is falling apart around us.

We can end up acting like a different person in different situations, always trying to fit in and never quite belonging anywhere. We can lose sight of our true selves in the fake filters through which we want others to see us.

We are living in a world defined by likes, shares and retweets. In striving to present that perfect life we can end up making those around us feel worse about their own lives. Is it time that we were all more honest about our ups and downs? No one has that perfect life, all the time.

There is ONE filter that helps us stay true to ourselves, that helps us all to measure our lives in the right ways, and present ourselves to others as we are. This is the filter of Love. God’s love and the love of our friends and family.

When we look at our lives through this filter we see ourselves and others as God does, as truly loved, valued, and significant, no matter what is going on in our lives. It can help us to see how we are making a difference to others, and to the world around us.

Could you live with just one filter?

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