How to Get Involved with the Synod

Sunday 28th November 2021

Pope Francis, following on from his invitation in 2013 for us to become “missionary disciples”, has called a Universal Synod which is taking place in every Catholic diocese across the world. The Synod is themed: “For a Synodal Church: Communion, Participation, and Mission”. This two-year journey’s (2021-23) goal is for all members of the church to be heard.

Synod means “journeying together”. The Holy Father is asking us to consider how we can walk together with people and groups on the margins, on the edge of the road. We are called to listen to the Holy Spirit, discern what God is saying to our diocese, and consider how we can use this information to walk in communion as a listening church.

Pope Francis has provided us with a set of Reflection Questions to address, both personally and in group meetings. These can be found here.

The Synod is participatory – the more voices that can be heard, the better. We have therefore created a consultation themed around these questions, with language that is accessible for all. You can answer either as an individual or as a parish group. Parish groups can be organised by anyone, and do not have to include your parish priest.

Please submit your feedback online individually here or download the paper version here.

To answer as a parish group, download this document.

The closing date for submissions is Tuesday 1st March 2022. Pope Francis has spoken of synodality as “the path that God expects of the Church in the third millennium.” Your contribution to the Synod is invaluable and will make a considerable difference to the future of the church both in our diocese and across the world.

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