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Tuesday 2nd October 2018

As part of the Hope In the Future programme a number of formation days were held throughout 2018. The aim of the days were to provide an opportunity to meet together and reflect on what it is to be missionary and what we mean by discipleship.

The sessions were led by Fr Gerard Kelly and focused on providing on a time of reflection where we can consider the part that the Holy Spirit plays in all that we are doing. Evangelisation must touch our hearts, becoming the engine that drives us forward in our mission, it is the Holy Spirit who gives us the courage to advance.

On the last of the planned formation days we arranged for the talks to be filmed in four slots of thirty minutes. We have now uploaded these videos onto the diocesan youtube channel and produced dvds for each parish. We hope that every parish can arrange for the recordings to be shown and provide some time for a reflection as a parish community.

You can however choose to watch these videos in your own time, they provide a grounding into the Hope in the Future Programme.

The links to all the resources can be found here or if you would like to request an additional copy of the DVD please email hope@dioceseofsalford.org.uk

Hope in the Future Formation 1 – Mission and Evangelisation

What is a Missionary Parish? A look back on Church teachings.

Hope in the Future Formation 2 – Mission and Evangelisation

The Evangelising Church

Hope in the Future Formation 3 – Mission and Evangelisation

How do we become Missionary Disciples?

Hope in the Future Formation 4 – Mission and Evangelisation

Proclaiming the Good News

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