Revive’s Safe Haven in the City is Changing Lives

Monday 4th November 2019

Revive, a community project based in our diocese supporting local refugees and people seeking asylum, is helping its service users to change their lives with its allotment project.

The project, founded by the Spiritans and Caritas Diocese of Salford, allows refugees and asylum seekers to develop their spoken English, develop gardening skills, meet people with a common interest and build friendships which break age and religious barriers.

The allotment project is a safe haven for those who have had to flee their homes, and this year the allotment project has been more popular than ever.  The fresh fruit and vegetables grown by the service users is taken home to eat with families and friends, which provides extra support for asylum seekers who currently only receive an allowance of £37.75 per week to buy all of their food, toiletries and clothing.

The allotment provides its own green haven and small eco-system in the heart of the heavily developed city.

Revive provides services such as social work support, immigration and accommodation advice, a food bank and a women’s group. At the heart of its mission is the Christian values of recognition and respect for human dignity, equipping every person they can with the skills and values needed to engage, participate and contribute constructively.

Can you help? Revive is reliant on donations of money and resources to run its services.  If you or your business could donate equipment to help the allotment project continue changing lives, please get in touch with Revive.

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