A book of Gregorian Chant notation lies open against a dark background

Gregorian Chant – A Workshop for Singers

St Augustine's Church, Grosvenor Square, All Saints, Manchester, M15 6BW
Saturday 24th February 2024

A wonderful opportunity to discover more about Gregorian Chant is coming to St Augustine’s in Manchester this month.

Dr Rosemarie Darby, from the St Philip Neri Singers, will lead the workshop on Saturday 24th February (11.30am – 4pm), helping singers to learn more about this enchanting style of music and how it can be used to complement the liturgy.

You will be given an introduction to chant repertoire, taught how to read the chant notation, and learn to sing pieces, concentrating on music for the Mass throughout the liturgical seasons.

The event could be of particular interest to parish choirs who want to include chant in their repertoire or who want to begin a chant group.

No prior experience is required.

For details of registration or for more information please contact Dr Rosemarie Darby by email: stphilipnerisingers@yahoo.co.uk

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