Stage 1

Stage 1: Celebrating our Parish

The First Stage places an emphasis on prayer. Invoking the power of the Holy Spirit to engage all people of the Diocese in this process. Key to this stage is to recognize and celebrate the Missionary Activity that already takes place in our parishes. We will seek to engage clergy in renewing and developing leadership styles.



Developing a Missionary Parish

Register of Interest

Guidance in establishing a team

Suggested timeline

Reflection San Damiano Cross reflection

Reflection Two Gift and Thanksgiving

Reflection three

Advent Liturgy

Homily Notes

Parish Novena

Introduction Letter

Letter from Bishop John – Formation Day

Explanation of Resources

Five Stage Outline

Formation Day Timetable

Reflection One – ‘Lent’ A Spiritual Springtime

Reflection Two – The Joy of Lent

Reflection Three – Passion for Jesus

Reflection Four – Holy Thursday

Reflection Five – He is Risen

Reflection Six – The Lord Jesus Christ

Reflection Seven – Making Mission Possible

Parish Ministry Tree Template

Introduction Letter

5 Stage Road Map

Reflection 1 – Pentecost Prayer Service

Reflection 2 – Discerning your Gifts and Talents

Pentecost Novena

Evangelisation Suggestions

Parish Groups & Ministries Directory

Reading List & Links

7 Steps from School to Parish

Formation Days on Mission & Evangelisation

Presentation (PowerPoint)

Presentation (PDF)

Handout (PDF)

Parish Formation Videos Worksheet

Talk 1 – The Missionary Parish

Talk 2 -The Evangelising Church

Talk 3 – How do we become Missionary Disciples?

Talk 4 – Proclaiming the Good News


Celebrating Stage 1 

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