Dr Emma Gardner outside Buckingham Palace

Environment Lead Joins Cardinal on Palace Visit

Monday 13th March 2023

A member of our diocesan team travelled to Buckingham Palace this week as part of Cardinal Vincent Nichols’ delegation to give a Loyal Address to King Charles III.

Dr Emma Gardner – head of environment at the Diocese of Salford – was selected to be part of the group of representatives from the Catholic Church of England and Wales, which accompanied the Cardinal as he made this solemn address on Thursday 9th March.

Including the cardinal, the group consisted of 12 representatives of the Catholic Church in England and Wales, from bishops and parish secretaries, to headteachers, chaplains, charity workers, and those in religious life.

Emma was delighted to be part of the delegation and said: “I was so honoured to join Cardinal Vincent Nichols as he made his Loyal Address to His Majesty the King on Thursday.

“It was a real pleasure to be among so many inspiring representatives of our faith and I was proud to see the environmental work of the Catholic Church achieving such recognition.”

In a statement about the address, Cardinal Nichols said: “Today I was privileged to offer the Loyal Address to His Majesty King Charles III and assure him of the support and prayers of the Catholic community of England and Wales. May God bless him and the Queen Consort.”

You can read more about the Loyal Address from the Cardinal by clicking here. 

Booklet from Dr Emma Gardner's visit to Buckingham Palace

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