Education Sunday: Celebrating educators in our diocese

Saturday 7th September 2019

Tomorrow, on Education Sunday, we celebrate teachers, support staff and educators from all across our diocese.

Education is something that unites us. Whether we have not long left education or our school days are in the distant past, our experiences help shape the people we become.

As we progress through our years in education, we discover who we are. We learn from our peers and we discover our unique gifts and skills and our role within our community, country and our world.

65,000 young people in our diocese are being educated in our 208 Catholic schools. And in each one of these schools, the pupils and teachers who come from all walks of life each offer their own unique touch on the school community, creating rich, diverse and accepting environments for young people to learn and grow in.

Stepping up and giving back

In both primary and secondary schools across the diocese, young people are showing their greatness and stepping up to make the most of their education while giving back to the communities around them.

Many young people are choosing to join their GIFT Chaplaincy teams and become Caritas Ambassadors, helping to develop the life of the school even further.

The GIFT Chaplains speak about their faith and help to lead assemblies and Caritas Ambassadors get involved in fundraising and campaigning to help improve social issues like homelessness and the environment. Recently the Caritas team from St John Vianney School, Stretford, were awarded the Cardinal Hume award.

This is a national award which recognised their commitment to helping to care for others who are living in poverty. The group of Key Stage 3 students from the school chose to support charities by gathering donations of food, clothing, toiletries and cash, and had also extended the hand of friendship by sharing meals with asylum seekers

Later this month, young Caritas ambassadors from around the diocese will unite at a festival organised by the young people themselves to celebrate their efforts and share ideas with each other.

A Journey of Education

This Sunday, as pupils and students across Greater Manchester prepare to either take their first tentative steps into the world of education or continue the journey they are already on, we celebrate our local schools and the fantastic work they do each and every day by marking Education Sunday.

Education Sunday is an opportunity for schools and parishes to come together to celebrate and give thanks for all the students, staff and parents who work so hard in and for Catholic schools. It is also a chance for us to reflect upon the contribution that Catholic education makes to our communities.

This year the theme of Education Sunday is ‘Form and Flourish’,

We celebrate those amazing young people, but also the strong support networks of teachers and educators who stand behind them, encouraging them along and helping them to flourish.

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