Don’t let children go hungry during the holiday period

Monday 20th July 2020

Many of us will have seen and supported the campaign from (now Doctor!) Marcus Rashford, which forced us all to face the reality of children going hungry throughout the summer months head on.

While his campaign was a success, it is important that no children slip through the net and that we continue to be aware that this issue is one facing families in our diocese.

The Diocese of Salford has links with the Greater Manchester Food Poverty Alliance, which was launched in October 2018 to bring together the work of groups already on the ground and expand on the role of the public sector to tackle some of the issues around food poverty.

The Alliance reported on how important it is for food support, which is primarily provided by community and faith groups, to be present in communities facing poverty.  Food support includes food banks, food clubs (also known as food pantries, which are membership schemes that provide a certain number of weekly food items for members) and cooked meals.

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic many of these food support projects have continued.

The YCW Impact group at St Joseph’s in Ramsbottom have partnered with their local school to provide a drop off which is donated on a weekly basis to a local foodbank, and then distributed to those in need.

In one fortnight, Caritas projects distributed almost 400 food parcels and fresh produce to those in need.  The Lalley Centre, based in Collyhurst, is one of these projects and has continued to offer food packages and advice over Zoom to families in need.

Our faith tells us to care for our neighbour. Let us put our faith into action, to care for those around us and to ensure we do not turn a blind eye to those in need.

If you or anyone you know needs support, see where you can access help by visiting the Greater Manchester Food Poverty Action map

Additionally, if you are in a position to, consider donating to a local foodbank to ensure noone goes hungry this summer.

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