Celebration as Newman becomes a Saint

Sunday 13th October 2019

Today people around the world are preparing to celebrate the canonisation of Cardinal John Henry Newman – the first English person who has lived since the 17th century to be officially recognised a Saint.

Born in London in 1801, Newman was ordained as a Church of England priest before converting to Catholicism in 1845 and founding a religious community called the Birmingham Oratory.  After his death aged 89, thousands of people lined the streets of Birmingham for his funeral.

Pope Benedict XVI beatified Newman during the papal visit to Britain in 2010 after ascribing a first miracle to the clergyman.  Pope Francis recently acknowledged Newman with a second miracle, putting him on the road to be declared a saint.

During his life, Newman was a respected religious scholar, who contributed a lot to theology and spent much of his time helping the poor and sick.

Today, on the day of his canonisation, we reflect on Cardinal Newman’s words and how we can discern our definite purpose.
We have all been given a mission that is unique to us. It is our job to ensure we listen to that call in our day to day lives.
We wish all representatives from our diocese – including clergy, parishioners and schoolchildren – who have travelled to Rome to celebrate this historic day a blessed pilgrimage.



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