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Caritas Salford launches 2023 Advent Appeal

Saturday 18th November 2023

Our diocesan charity, Caritas Diocese of Salford, has launched its brand new Advent Appeal for 2023.

This year’s advent appeal, which includes a brand new, specially created animation film, is reminding people that, even though the world may seem overwhelming at the moment with the cost-of-living crisis, wars, climate change and poverty, the smallest action can make the biggest difference.  

With some special contributions from children of Caritas staff and their friends and families, the short animation focusses on the fact that whatever is going on, we all still have the dreams and wishes that make each of us who we are – and at this time of year, that’s especially true.  

Everyone deserves a chance at fulfilling their dreams, especially if they are dreams about fundamental things everyone should have – dreams about having a safe, secure place to call home, knowledge that there will be food on the table every day, or a chance to escape discrimination, danger or isolation.  

If these basic rights that everyone should have access to are fulfilled, it gives people the dignity, space and freedom to dream big again too.    

If all of us pledged to #BeeThere for just one person this Christmas, we really could help them get back on their feet and a step closer to making those dreams and wishes come true.  

We’re asking people to take small steps, to make small changes that will make a big difference to the lives of people in their area, their street, their place of work or their wider community. People facing crisis right now. People in urgent need of support.   

After all…big dreams come from small change.  

Here are a few ways you could join in the #BeeThere appeal:

  • Share our film and posts on social media using the hashtag #BeeThere 
  • Spread the word about the appeal to your family, friends, community and wider network.
  • Let us know if you’d be happy to share a quote or comment on what your dreams are this Christmas, and also what small change you pledge to make to #BeeThere for others this festive season too (so we can use your comments either anonymously or attributed to you on social media and our website)  
  • And, of course, donations of any size can make the biggest difference to people in our diocese.

Thank you for all your help and support with making this appeal as successful as possible. Your support is vital in helping Caritas Salford continue working alongside people in our diocese and helping them to transform their lives with dignity.  

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