Called by Name – Vocations Sunday

Sunday 3rd May 2020

‘God has created me to do him some definite service.’

Blessed John Henry Newman

This weekend as we celebrate Vocations Sunday, we ask how are we being Called by Name?

Pope Francis has written a letter to recognise this day, urging the Church to continue to promote vocations, enabling Catholics to discover with gratitude God’s call in their lives and to find the courage to say ‘yes’ to God.

In his message, Pope Francis said:

“If we let ourselves be daunted by the responsibilities that await us – whether in married life or priestly ministry – or by the hardships in store for us, then we will soon turn away from the gaze of Jesus and, like Peter, we will begin to sink. On the other hand, despite our frailty and poverty, faith enables us to walk towards the Risen Lord and to weather every storm. Whenever fatigue or fear make us start to sink, Jesus holds out his hand to us. He gives us the enthusiasm we need to live our vocation with joy and fervour.

“When Jesus at last boards the boat, the winds die down and the waves are calmed. Here we have a beautiful image of what the Lord can do at times of turbulence and tempest in our lives. He stills those winds, so that the forces of evil, fear and resignation no longer have power over us.

“As we live out our specific vocation, those headwinds can wear us down. Here I think of all those who have important responsibilities in civil society, spouses whom I like to refer to – not without reason – as “courageous”, and in a particular way those who have embraced the consecrated life or the priesthood. I am conscious of your hard work, the sense of isolation that can at times weigh upon your hearts, the risk of falling into a rut that can gradually make the ardent flame of our vocation die down, the burden of the uncertainty and insecurity of the times, and worry about the future. Take heart, do not be afraid! Jesus is at our side, and if we acknowledge him as the one Lord of our lives, he will stretch out his hand, take hold of us and save us.

“Even amid the storm-tossed waters, then, our lives become open to praise. This is the last of our vocation words, and it is an invitation to cultivate the interior disposition of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Grateful that Lord gazed upon her, faithful amid fear and turmoil, she courageously embraced her vocation and made of her life an eternal song of praise to the Lord.”

We are grateful to all those who support vocations within the diocese. We ask that you continue to pray for our seminarians and all those who are on the journey of discernment. We also give thanks to all those who have chosen to serve the diocese.

Loving Father,
you call us by name.
As we journey through life
help us to be confident in our own unique identity
and to find opportunities
to develop our own gifts and passions.
We pray that the Holy Spirit
will pour on us wisdom and guidance
to help us realise and follow our dreams,
discerning your plan for our lives.
Bless your Church
by raising up dedicated and generous people
from our families and friends
who will serve as Priests, Deacons,
Sisters and Brothers.
May we support one another in response to God’s call.
We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord.

You can find out more about the diocesan Vocations Office here

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