Bishop John’s Message on the World Day of Prayer for Care of Creation

Tuesday 1st September 2020

My dear brothers and sisters,

There is no doubt that we are becoming much more aware of the damage that we have done, and are continuing to inflict, on the Earth, our common home and the damage that is affecting the people most, in many of the poorest countries of the world, who have done least to cause it.

They are enduring the worst events of seasonal change where crops are ruined and agricultural land turned to desert.

We have done little to begin our work of repair but important progress has been made in understanding the present situation, the causes of the damage and the various means that are available to us to heal and to mend.

It is impossible to exaggerate the task that lies before us and the urgency to make progress before irreparable damage is done. It is clear that every one of us has a role to play, through simple adjustments to our daily lives, to a change in our routines and priorities.

Today we turn to prayer.

We must ask for the knowledge, the insight and understanding of the dangers we face. And we must ask for the Grace to make progress in uniting the determination of politicians, industry and science in caring for our brothers and sisters and our common home.

Let us pray together, on this Day of Care of Creation, that God will show us the way and give us the strength and determination to achieve all that He is asking of us in caring for our common home.

Stay with us, Lord, on our Journey


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