Bishop John’s Church at Home Video Series

Sunday 28th June 2020

Over the last few months we have been forced to adapt how we live out our faith. Many of us have begun to build a Church at home, whether this is personally or by joining livestreams of the Holy Mass. While some of our churches are beginning to reopen, we can take what we have learned with us as we move into our new normal.

Over this time, Bishop John has produced a video series on how we can build a Church at Home. There are five videos in this series but more have been produced. You can find these on our YouTube channel.

Building Church at Home

In the first video in our series, Bishop John introduces the idea of a Church at Home and how, despite the uncertain times, he believes we can continue our faith journey.

A Time and a Place to Pray

It is so easy to neglect our prayers because we run out of time. In this video, Bishop John talks to us about how creating a time and place can be important in building that sense of prayer in our lives and strengthening our faith in these difficult times.

Different Types of Prayer

How do you pray? There are many ways for us to pray and many different types of prayer. Our prayer life doesn’t have to involve just one type of prayer either. Whether you use formalaic prayer like the Hail Mary or Our Father, the Examen, or by giving thanks, this week Bishop John shares his reflections on the value of each of these prayers and encourages you to continue to make time for prayer throughout this period of time.

Praying for others

In this video, Bishop John reflects on his favourite Gospel, the Gospel of Mark. He shares how we can be ambassadors for Christ in our own lives, through praying for others.

A Prayer of Silence

In the final video of his Church at Home series, Bishop John talks about a different kind of prayer – a prayer of silence and of stillness. Our lives are very busy and our minds can sometimes be hectic and in this video, he explains more about how powerful this form of prayer can be.

To view more videos, please visit our YouTube channel

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