A Thank You to End Volunteers’ Week

Sunday 6th June 2021

As we come to the end of Volunteers’ Week, we give thanks and pray for the many people who have selflessly volunteered their time as stewards in our churches around the diocese, helping us all to continue worshipping safely throughout the pandemic.

We have thousands of volunteers who contribute to the life of the parish in different ways, whether it’s through pastoral work, assisting in the religious life of the church, visiting older members of the parish or providing administrative support.

Around the diocese, as Hope in the Future shared leadership teams have been formed, each volunteer is assisting us on our journey to be Missionary Disciples in Missionary Parishes.

Through the pandemic, our volunteers have also shown dedication and commitment, responding to their local needs and setting up welfare checks and crisis responses during the pandemic. Their actions show how involved our parishes are in our local communities.

Your support is invaluable, thank you.

Loving Father, You taught us the importance of service through the many examples set by your Son, Jesus Christ. Through the works of the Holy Spirit and the grace poured out by you, these wonderful people have heard your call to do great and wonderful things here in our diocese. May you continue to care for our volunteers and may you shower them with love and blessings. We ask this through Christ our Lord, Amen



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