St John’s Magnificent Mosaic Captured in 3D Laser Survey

Saturday 22nd August 2020

A specialist laser survey has been carried out by Historic England capturing the magnificent mosaics at St John the Baptist church, Rochdale in an online 3D model.

The survey was completed as one element of a project, funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, to bring the church back into good repair and to celebrate its heritage.

The 3D model will be used by a team of specialists to conserve the mosaics and to repair areas of water damage due to roof leaks.

Please allow the model to load fully in order to see the intricate detail of the mosaic.

St John the Baptist church, designed in early Byzantine style, has almost 200 years of history packed within its walls, including the enormous mosaic which depicts Christ the King.

The mosaic is so complex that it took over a year to complete, and in 1933 it cost around four thousand pounds to create.

It is one of a kind and it is hoped that, with continued work, its heritage will be enjoyed by the community for many years to come.

Explore a 3D image of the stunning St John the Baptist church by clicking here. Please wait a few moments for it to fully load in order to see its impressive detail.

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