An Introduction to St Luke the Evangelist

Tuesday 18th October 2022

Today we celebrate the feast day of the apostle and evangelist St Luke so we’re taking a closer look at this fascinating saint and his inspiring work.

The four Gospels are at the very heart of our Catholic faith, providing a written account of the life, work, and teachings of Christ, as well as the birth of Christianity itself.

Luke is also believed to be the author of the Acts of Apostles, documenting the earliest days of our Church and very foundations of our faith.

The Gospel according Luke is one of the three synoptic Gospels, along with the Gospels of Matthew and Mark, meaning all three share similar stories, in a similar order, even sharing similar wording.

However, this Gospel also has its own clear identity with themes of sacrifice and salvation at its heart, as is depicted through Luke’s symbol of the winged-ox foreshadowed by the prophet Ezekiel.

Building on this, Luke’s gentile background offers us a unique perspective; presenting Christ as not only the Jewish Messiah but the saviour of all mankind, particularly those on the fringes of society, also opening the door to the theme of active mission.

Luke’s Gospel also has a special focus on prayer, often describing Jesus himself at prayer, such as after the healing of the leper, before The Transfiguration, the teaching of The Lord’s Prayer, and praying on the Mount of Olives before his arrest.

Women also have a unique place in this Gospel, particularly the story of Our Lady, and is the only Gospel to recount the Annunciation and The Visitation.

As we celebrate the feast of St Luke today, we invite you to discover more about this inspiring saint and his Gospel through this wonderful presentation from Fr Christopher Lough.


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