Additional Resources

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Suggested Reading

Beyond the Parish – J. Mallon

Rebuild My Church – A. Schreck

Forming Intentional Disciples – S. Weddell

Divine Renovation – J. Mallon

Great Catholic Parishes – W. Simon

Tomorrow’s Parish, A Vision and a Plan – D. Harrington

Rebuilt – M.White & T.Corcoran

Reclaim the Fire : A Parish Guide to Evangelisation – M.Pable

Excellent Catholic Parishes: The Guide to Best Places and Practices – P.Wilkes

The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic – M.Kelly

‘Welcome to Witness – Becoming and evangelising parish’ and ‘To Know Him, to Love Him to Serve Him – forming Parish Evangelisation Teams’ – Paul Cannon & Sharon Beech 2014 and 2017, Redemptorist Publications

Parish Guide to Disability (produced by Catholic Disability Fellowship with Diocese of Harrisburg, PA, USA)

Papal Documents
Resources from Formation & Training Events

Formation Series

Formation Series: Gary Stephens – The Good News of Jesus Christ

Synodality in the Universal Church with Sr Nathalie Becquart

Austen Ivereigh – Sources for Pope Francis’s Vision of a Synodal Church

Personal Encounter with Jesus: A Reflection Led by Fr Gerard Kelly

Dr Jessie Rogers: Lessons from the First Synod in the Early Church – Acts 15

The God who Speaks at Mass – Fr Eamonn Mulcahy

The God who Speaks in Creation – Sr Margaret Atkins

Training Days

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion – Irenaeus Project

Ministers of the Word – Marian Tolley

Parish Management

Parish Management Presentation Keynote
Finance Presentation
Property and HS Presentation
General Administration Presentation

Caritas Parish Social Action

Keynote – Sir Peter Fahy
Good practice – New Testament Church of God
Good Practice – St Bernadette’s & Michael’s
Workshop – Engaging young people
Workshop – Catholic Social Teaching
Workshop – Care for our common home

Engaging Young People in the Parish

Workshop – Creating a Safe Environment
Faith in Action Presentation

Formation Days on Mission & Evangelisation

Presentation (PowerPoint)

Presentation (PDF)

Handout (PDF)

Parish Formation Videos Worksheet

Talk 1 – The Missionary Parish

Talk 2 -The Evangelising Church

Talk 3 – How do we become Missionary Disciples?

Talk 4 – Proclaiming the Good News

Formation Days on Gifts, Talents & Charisms

Presentation (PowerPoint)

Presentation (PDF)

Diserning your Charisms Resource