Video for Altar Servers Made to Help Rebuild Confidence

Monday 5th April 2021

Following a successful retreat for Altar Servers, which took place on Saturday 27th February, a video has been produced to help Altar Servers to rebuild their confidence after a period of being unable to serve due to the pandemic.

After the successful retreat, which you can read more about here, feedback was shared with the team which found that some Altar Servers felt nervous about returning to being servers on a Sunday.

The video features an introduction from Bishop John and features a step by step guide on serving led by Fr David Featherstone, which he hopes will help to ease any worries servers might have about returning to the Altar.

In his introduction, Bishop John thanked Altar Servers and said: “Be assured that your parish priest will be glad to see you come back, and will not be watching for any mistakes, but just pleased that you’re there. If you do make mistakes, don’t worry, you will soon get back into the routine.

“Thank you for wanting to serve. Please remember that your parish priest and the people of the parish are pleased that you help at the altar because it helps them to pray and adds dignity to all that happens on the altar. I hope that you’ll find this little video reminder helpful, and I am so grateful that you want to support. Thank you.”

You can watch the video below. Please share with anyone who may find this useful.

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