Salford’s Rite of Election offers a warm welcome

Sunday 1st March 2020

Today Salford Cathedral was filled with Catechumens and Candidates, watched on by their sponsors and families, who at Easter will complete their RCIA journey to be Confirmed or to be received into the Full Communion of the Church.

At the Rite of Election, Bishop John thanked the candidates and Catechumens for hearing the call of God inviting them to consider their faith.  He noted that some may be experiencing doubt of their worthiness but told them not to worry; the Lord wants to welcome them.

Bishop John also reminded them that their formation does not end at Easter when they are fully welcomed to the Church. It is an ongoing process.  He shared with them their roles as Missionary Disciples. We must all take Gospel values to others, to the periphery and to the poor, the marginalised and the isolated.  As well as looking inwards on our faith journey, we must look outwards to those who need us.

Bishop John concluded by saying: “We are all ambassadors for Christ.”

One candidate attending the Rite of Election was Guy Drabble from St Robert of Newminster parish in Levenshulme. He said: “Today was a really exciting and joyful occasion.  I was christened CofE but wasn’t very active in my faith. A few years ago I started reading of Church tradition and teaching and became more and more convinced of its truth. When I moved to Levenshulme, I heard about RCIA and began that journey.”

All Catechumens were invited to write their name into the Book of the Elect, and all candidates greeted Bishop John. Prayers of Intercession were said for the Elect and the Candidates.


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