Recycle: Learn, Prepare and Donate

Saturday 14th March 2020

Over the last two weeks, we have focused on how we can reduce and reuse things in our lives.  This week, we move our focus to recycling. It is important to remember that recycling is a symptom of a problem, so while it’s important to do, we must make every effort to reduce our need to recycle.

Learn about what you can recycle

Each local authority differs in the things it can recycle meaning that some things that look as if they can be recycled can’t always be.  Make a pledge to get to know what you can and can’t recycle and make a special effort to ensure you minimise the things you can’t, and recycle the things you can.

Be prepared

Think about how much waste your lunch produces and try to be more eco-friendly. Tin foil and cling film all go to waste. Could you carry your food in a sustainable lunch box?  Equally, save money by making your own lunch and ditching the plastic packaging we so often see in shops.


It’s easy to become attached to the things we own. When we go to replace things, how about considreing donating our old belongings to charity shops and helping others in need? Alternatively, see if your local homeless shelter requires any donations. Here in our diocese, Caritas projects can always benefit from donations.

Download all of the Envirolent posters for parishes here, and for schools here.

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