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Day of Prayer of Peace in the Holy Land

Wednesday 6th March 2024

Cardinal Vincent Nichols is calling on Catholics across England and Wales to observe a special day of prayer for peace in the Holy Land on Friday 8th March.

As harrowing reports of the suffering of people in the Holy Land continue to hit the headlines, Cardinal Nichols encourages Catholics to embrace the Lenten pillars of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving in support of those impacted by the conflict.

The Cardinal has echoed Pope Francis’ call for a lasting ceasefire, the release of all hostages, for humanitarian aid to be allowed through to help those most in need in Gaza, and for hospitals, schools, and places of worship to be protected.

He now invites the faithful to make peace in the Holy Land a special focus of our prayers.

Writing to clergy in the Diocese of Westminster at the beginning of Lent, he said: “As we are all aware, the situation in the Holy Land has not improved, with failed negotiations, increasing humanitarian distress and a rising death toll.

“As Lent begins, I would like to urge that we continue our efforts, not least in prayer. And so I ask that, on Friday 8 March, there is a special focus of prayer for the Holy Land. This could take the form of a dedicated time of prayer, perhaps before the Blessed Sacrament, for peace in the Holy Land. It could be as simple as making any regular Lenten devotions you may be having on that day for this intention.”


Join us in prayer this Friday as we ask God to bring peace to the Holy Land and heal the sufferings of those impacted by the ongoing conflict. Please see below for a few ideas of how you can mark this day of prayer in a special way this Friday:

CAFOD Prayers for Peace

Pope Francis’ Prayer for Peace 

Loyola Press – Prayer for Peace 

Friends of the Holy Land Prayers and Reflections

Reflection by the Moderator of the Holy Land Co-ordination, Bishop Nicholas Hudson

Pray the Rosary (“Today please pray the great prayer of the Rosary that this conflict, in the homeland of Mary herself, will quickly come to an end” – Cardinal Vincent Nichols)

Attend Adoration or Stations of the Cross at your parish, or one nearby.


We’re so grateful and humbled for the brave efforts of charities who are risking everything to deliver life-saving aid to those who continue to suffer in the Holy Land. Whilst the delivery of humanitarian assistance continues to be extremely challenging, there are a number of agencies, NGOs, and charities that are succeeding in providing this critical support to those in need. Please see below for some of our Christian charities asking for your support today:


Aid to the Church in Need

Friends of the Holy Land


This ancient tradition is one of the three key pillars of Lent, inviting us to humble our hearts and clear our minds as we present our petitions to God. This Friday, we are invited to mark the day with a special focus on prayer, almsgiving, and fasting in response to our hunger for peace in the Holy Land. We invite you to join us as we mark this day through prayer and fasting – perhaps donating anything you save to one of the charities listed above.

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