Our Mission to offer Hope

Sunday 21st April 2019

An Easter Message from Bishop John:

Our newspapers, news channels and news feeds are regularly filled with stories of hate, division and tragedy. From the angry arguing about Brexit to the reports of another natural disaster caused by the effects of climate change, to conflicts and corruption. It can be difficult to remain hopeful surrounded by the events of our world.

But hope is the central message of Easter. As Christians we are renewed by the hope that the Resurrection brings and it is our mission and duty to offer a glimpse of that hope to those around us.

Hope reconnects us with our vision and can bring about change. It is a wish or desire that something will be different. That wish or desire can only be fulfilled by our actions.

Pope Francis often talks about the need for the Church to go out “to the peripheries”, to speak to those who are marginalised and to walk with those in need. It is hope that renews our determination to do this. Hope is the reason why we as a Church run our foodbanks, help the homeless and welcome our refugee brothers and sisters. We believe that the world can and should be a better place. One where tolerance, respect and harmony for our fellow humans and our planet, our common home, should be the driving force behind our actions.

I am often very moved when I visit parishes, schools and charity projects around the Diocese by the dedication of individuals and groups to bring hope into their own communities. This Easter I ask you all to think about new opportunities that our renewal of hope can bring you and your loved ones and how you will pledge to turn that hope into an action for the good of others.

Stay With Us Lord on Our Journey

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