Launch of Hope in the Future

Sunday 1st October 2017

Bishop John Arnold has announced the launch of Hope in the Future. An initiative designed to help grow the Church for future generations; and answer the call of Pope Francis for us all to be Missionary Disciples.

In a Pastoral Letter read out in the churches in the Diocese this weekend, the Bishop reminded parishes of their missionary purpose:

“Pope Francis urges us to be aware of the poverty, isolation, marginalisation and needs of people around us and to bring the practical care of the Gospel to them. In order to do that effectively we must always be strengthening our own communities with a worthy celebration of the Sacraments, a life of prayer, an effective and engaging catechesis of the faith for the young and those who may feel drawn to our Church.”

Bishop John went on to highlight how essential this programme is following the terrible events earlier this year:

“We must be sure to look after our own community but then be ready to bring our good works to others in need, our brothers and sisters around us. The tragedy of the Manchester bomb has highlighted a need to strengthen the sense of community in our towns and build bridges. We need to respond with positive actions. “

The programme is an invitation to every parish in the Diocese to recognise its potential and develop its missionary identity. It is designed to be a five stage journey. As the programme unfolds there will be resources that will enable every parish, at whatever stage it may be in its development, to strengthen its mission. It aims to nourish those within the parish community while helping to identify what that community may be doing in outreach and service.

Hope in the Future will be launched at the Cathedral of St John, on Wednesday 4th October 2017 with representatives from each parish present.

The Pastoral letter can be read here and listened to here.

Bishop John has also talked about Hope in the Future on the video below:


You can also watch the pastoral letter in sign language here:

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