Launch of God Calls App

Thursday 11th January 2018

God Calls…

But what is he saying? To you personally?

To find out, try God Calls, the free App designed to help you explore your ultimate purpose, and discover your unique path to heaven.

 A bit like a Spiritual tool-kit, God Calls is packed with resources including:

   Prayers for dawn, noon, and night.

   Daily questions to help you crack open the Gospel.

   Snapshots of the lives of the Saints.

   A journal to allow you to track day-by-day your Spiritual growth.

   A guide to Catholic retreats and events in your area and across the UK.

   A monthly quiz on a faith-related theme.

   A God Calls’ Twitter feed.

   Each day, you’ll find three new questions to help you understand the day’s Gospel, both Christ’s message and how His teaching applies to your life today.

   Each week, you can read fresh insights into the lives of the Saints and what led to their Holy choices.

   Each month, you can take a quiz, on a vocation-related theme, then compare your answers to those of other users.

   Relax by browsing the God Calls’ Twitter feed to catch up on the latest Papal tweets, or Catholic news in the UK or from around the world.

   Flick through the Events Guide to find out what’s happening, and where, for chances to fellowship and pray as Church with friends.

Use the App regularly, and you’ll see your faith grow. Gradually – God never pressures – you’ll discern the Divine calling He’s crafting for your future, your happiness, your soul.

God Calls… Are you ready to listen? For the life journey that leads to Heaven?

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