The logo for the 2025 jubilee shows four shapes that look like people or ship sails holding onto a cross, which turns into an anchor at the bottom. A blue line is underneath this, depicting the sea.

Introducing the 2025 Jubilee

Friday 1st December 2023

Pope Francis is seeking to usher in a new era of hope as he invites the faithful across the world to participate in the 2025 “Pilgrims of Hope Jubilee.

Taking place every 25 years, a Jubilee year is a tradition that is recognised and respected throughout the world as being a significant part of the history of our faith.

A Jubilee is a special year of grace, in which the Catholic Church offers the faithful the possibility of asking for a plenary indulgence – a remission of sins for themselves or deceased loved ones.

The year begins with the well-known custom of the opening of the Holy Door at St Peter’s Basilica, following the other three papal basilicas in Rome. The Pope grants permission for Holy Doors to be situated throughout the world for Catholics everywhere to take part in this most special rite.

Excluding the Extraordinary Year of Mercy in 2015, the last Jubilee year took place in 2000, marking an historic moment as the Church entered into her third millennium.

A quarter of a century later, Pope Francis is looking for this next Jubilee to be just as significant, calling the faithful to try and heal the hurts and hardships we have all felt over the past two years by becoming Pilgrims of Hope.

He said: “We must fan the flame of hope that has been given us, and help everyone to gain new strength and certainty by looking to the future with an open spirit, a trusting heart, and far-sighted vision.

“The forthcoming Jubilee can contribute greatly to restoring a climate of hope and trust as a prelude to the renewal and rebirth that we so urgently desire.

“This will indeed be the case if we are capable of recovering a sense of universal fraternity and refuse to turn a blind eye to the tragedy of rampant poverty that prevents millions of men, women, and young people and children from living in a manner worthy of our human dignity.”

Year of Hope

In preparation for the 2025 Pilgrims of Hope Jubilee, Pope Francis has designated 2024 as a Year of Prayer, beginning this Advent.

During this year, we are encouraged to deepen our commitment to prayer and to accompany others in their own prayer life, as well as going back to basics to reflect on how and why we pray.

The year will have a special focus on the Our Father. Here in the Diocese of Salford, we are celebrating the start of this Year of Prayer by bringing different areas of the diocese together in prayer, using the words Jesus Himself taught us. Watch the video below to pray along with us now and visit our 2025 Jubilee page to find out more about what this means for your parish or school.

Click here to visit our 2025 “Pilgrims of Hope” Jubilee page.



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