International Celebration

Saturday 26th May 2018

Today Salford Cathedral hosted our International Mass. This was a celebration of our diversity, our communities and also our connection in the One Church. Over two hundred people representing over fifty languages attend the joyful celebration.

Our parishes have a wonderful sense of community and this was opportunity to join together in recognition of the gifts and talents of those who have chosen to settle and make the Diocese of Salford their home.

Bishop John reminded us that it is important that we all retain our individual mission whilst supporting our community.

It was an event of a truly international flavour. The congregation was made up of hundreds of parishioners of different ethnicities from around the diocese who gathered for a celebration that heard music from around the globe. 

This is the second time we have held an event of this kind in the diocese. Last year’s mass focused on recognising the contribution of Migrant Workers and their families to UK society. The event was an occasion to acknowledge the important role of migrants to our society. The success led it to become an annual celebration.


The celebration of our diversity is a timely event in a month where we mark the first anniversary of the Manchester Arena attack. The commemorations have seen a focus on communities and all that unites us in our city. Speaking on the evening of the first anniversary Bishop John asked those gathered:  “To begin to look forward and to build our communities.”

There are steps that each and everyone us of all faiths and none can do to help this. Do we know our neighbours? Do we shy away from people who are different?

We live in a society where some individuals and groups try to capitalise on the fear of the unknown to create divides that do not exist. It is therefore more important than ever that we take the time to understand our neighbours, be they Christian, Muslim, Jewish or of no faith at all. We have more in common than anything that might appear to divide us.

The Diocese of Salford and the wider community have greatly benefited from migration and international settlers, not just in recent years but throughout its history. Our International Mass helps celebrate our differences, our similarities and our communities.  By joining together in celebration we can all continue this rich legacy by building one community made up of different religions and nationalities all thriving together.


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