Going the extra mile for Cornerstone

Monday 3rd May 2021

Father Michael Deas ran a half marathon around the parish of St Catherine’s, Didsbury, beginning c.9:30am on Sunday 2 May, along with 5 parishioners, Anne Frost, Bridie Adams, Sarah Moister, Suzy Larkin and Heather Jones, who is also a teacher at St Catherine’s Primary School. Father Kevin Murphy joined from his own parish, completing his half marathon later the same day.

The group ran for Cornerstone because it is a local charity that the parish has always supported and, during this time of the pandemic, the services and support the centre provides for people is needed more than ever.

Father Michael Deas said: “Cornerstone is a great example of faith in action. We didn’t really have any expectations about how much we hoped to raise, but, at the time of writing, we have just reached the £2000 mark (and I think Father Kevin has raised over £1000 so far), so people have been amazingly generous and supportive of such a good cause. We just now hope to raise as much as we can!

“Our team at St Catherine’s came together because we realised we all enjoy running, so we thought we should put that to good use, especially when charities are unable to have their big fundraising events going ahead as normal. We decided a half marathon was the achievable distance for all of us, as we are planning to start and finish all together.

“Some of us have signed up for the Manchester Marathon in October, so that will be the next challenge. Everyone has been enjoying the training and the support we are giving each other, but it has been getting tougher this week as the temperatures have begun to soar! We’re hoping for sunny conditions on the day, but not too hot!”

Father Kevin Murphy, added: “At a priests’ Zoom meeting, I was inspired by the initiative of St Catherine’s Parish in their organisation of a half-marathon in aid of Cornerstone.  I have seen first-hand the work of Cornerstone in helping the homeless and vulnerable and rather impulsively asked if I could join.  I am amazed at the generosity of parishioners and friends and hope that we can raise a good amount of money which is all the more needed at this difficult time.”

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