First Sunday in Lent Reflection

Sunday 18th February 2018

Each Sunday in Lent we will be publishing a reflection from around the diocese.

On the First Sunday we hear from Fr Paul Daly with his thoughts on today’s reading:

Only in Mark’s Gospel are we told that Jesus was ‘with the wild beasts’ in the desert where he was tempted. There is something about the jungle about Mark’s desert but this is no reality TV show. Because his account is so short on detail, it’s a wonderful opportunity to let our imagination help us in prayer.

Take your time. Relax into your prayer. Breathe deeply, calmly.

Picture the scene: desert, dry, barren, inhospitable, dangerous. Notice the heat (or cold), sounds (or silences) and smells. Notice the wild beasts; what are they doing?

Notice Jesus, tired, hungry, his clothing, his face, what he is doing.

How does the Tempter appear? What does he say to Jesus and how does Jesus respond?

How does the Tempter depart? How do the angels appear and minister to Jesus?

Talk to Jesus about his temptations and how he came through them. Listen to his response.

Is there anything you might seek his help for in these forty days?

Is there a way to create space, maybe closer to nature (with the wild beasts, figuratively rather than literally), in which to reassess, or rebalance, your own priorities this Lent?

And do we allow ourselves to notice the angels whom God sends to look after us?


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