Permanent Diaconate

Deacons have played an integral part of our faith community since the earliest days of the Church, when the apostles appointed men to help care for the communities around them.

The work of deacons is based on three key areas: the Ministry of Charity, the Ministry of the Word, and the Ministry of the Altar.

Deacons can baptize, witness marriages, perform funeral and burial services outside of Mass, distribute Holy Communion, preach the homily, and are obligated to pray the Divine Office every day.

Deacons will also often have a career outside the Church, which they can continue throughout their ministry.

Permanent deacons can be single or married but must be married before becoming a deacon.

For more information check out this page where we have tried to answer your questions.

For more information on the role of deacons within our diocese and to discuss ideas around a vocation to the permanent diaconate, please contact:


Director Permanent Diaconate Fr Chris Gorton

Assistant Director Permanent Diaconate Deacon Stephen Scott

Meet our permanent deacons

To find out more about the permanent diaconate in our diocese, we’ve been catching up with our permanent deacons to find out more about their day-to-day life and work and what drew them to ministry. Explore the links below to read more!

Deacon Stephen Scott 

Deacon John Walsh 

Deacon Davie Nalikata 

Deacon Lee Davies