Engaged Couples receive Blessing

Monday 17th February 2020

Over the weekend dozens of engaged and recently married couples from around our diocese braved the storm to gather in Salford Cathedral for a joyful celebration of their marriages led by Bishop John.

Bishop John reminded the couples in a world that encourages individualism there is strength in unity.

He went on to give three pieces of advice:

  1. Remember to give thanks. Thanks to God for bring you together and offering you a chance to grow as a couple.
  2. Remember to work hard. Work has to be done to build your marriage. Always think what is be for us to do together to strengthen our relationship.
  3. Remember you are not alone. God is part of your marriage and faith can serve a real purpose in your life together.

Bishop John finished by saying: “I hope the Church will be an important home for you in your lives together.”

All couples were invited to receive a blessing and were lucky enough to hear from Julia and Phil Sheil who have been married for 45 years.

Julia and Phil gave the couples a heartfelt felt account of their married life. They spoke of the importance of taking time together as a couple and of good communication.

Julia said: “Bumps in the road are inevitable as marriage is a journey. If you were in a journey in a car you wouldn’t hesitate to get professional advice to keep the car on the road. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.” 

Phil followed this by explaining the vital part that God has played in their marriage. Saying “He has walked with us on our journey of married life. I urge you as couples to look for the joy of God’s love in your marriage.

We wish all the couples getting married this year in the diocese every blessing.

If you are looking for more information on marriage preparation courses and support available you can find it here. 




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