Education Sunday

Friday 8th September 2017

Sunday 10th September is Education Sunday. The theme of this year’s celebration is ‘Gathered in my name’.  Jesus said, ‘where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them’. Every day our school communities gather in the name of Jesus. These communities and the Church’s mission for education is as vital now as it has ever been.

Our society and indeed our world is faced with so much uncertainty.  Our young people are being confronted with news stories and day to day events in their own lives which are bound to be having a significant impact on their sense of safety and security and also on their own emotional and mental wellbeing.  They desperately need the nurture, care and unconditional love provided by our schools and colleges.  They are islands of hope for our young people and their communities. The good news of the risen Christ provides a light in the darkness, an anchor in troubled waters and a truth in times of doubt.

Catholic school students learn to experience God’s love in all their lives and relationships. Our school communities support and develop this experience. As communities we come together to celebrate our successes and our achievements. But we also unite in grief and solidarity. These experience enable the light of Christ to continue to shine brightly as our pupils enter the world of work and further study. It is therefore crucial that we do all we can to continue to support the work of all our schools.

As we commence this new academic year my prayers and thanks are with all the teaching and support staff for all they do to make our schools the success they are.

Peter Eavers, Director of Education

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