Christians & Muslims Come Together for Advent

Tuesday 12th December 2017

Local Christians and Muslims gathered together to celebrate the gift of faith and mutual respect for each other. For the second time in 3 months Christians and Muslims in West Blackburn came together to share their faith in an atmosphere of friendship and fellowship. Imam Fazal Hassan stated, “at a time when communities can appear to  be divided, the Beardwood Muslim community  and the Christian communities of Sacred Heart and St Silas  have  come together to celebrate their faith similarities and to respect their differences.”

The event saw over 140 people, both Christian and Muslims come together to honour the life achievements and sacrifices of “Mary the mother of Jesus.”  Father Jim McCartney Parish Priest of Sacred Heart said “I was greatly inspired by the event and to listen to Imam Hassan give a powerful talk on how Mary is held as a special person in the Quran, was deeply enlightening.  It’s a great way for us as Christians to celebrate Advent with our Muslim brothers and sisters.”

Reverend Sheelagh Aston, Priest in charge of St Silas Preston New Road, said “these events are providing a safe environment for people to share the diversity and commonality of their faiths as well as develop friendships based upon mutual trust, respect and a desire to live in harmony together side by side.”

More events are planned for 2018

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