Blessing for Engaged Couples

Saturday 9th February 2019

Today the Cathedral was filled with engaged and recently married couples from around the diocese as they came together to celebrate their marriages at Salford Cathedral. During the Celebration we asked for God’s particular Blessing upon all couples getting married this year.

The Blessing for Engaged Couples traditionally takes place on the Saturday nearest to the Feast of St Valentine.

The Blessing was led by Bishop John along with Fr Paul Daly. The Celebration together was an opportunity to express that joy and our prayers that their wedding day is truly the beginning of something even more wonderful not just for the couples but for their family and friends and indeed for wider society.

Bishop John welcomed all the couples saying:

“Life is about changes. You change as you get older. … If we are in a marriage that means some one else changes too. We need to keep our lines of communication open.

Things changes around us, jobs, income and families all add their own pressures. 

Communication in your relationship is vital to survive the changes. Discuss all decisions.”

Bishop John went on to remind the couples that

You are not on your own. God brought you together for a reason and is part of your marriage. A strength through your decisions and changes.”

During the Celebration all the engaged couples were invited to stand and receive the blessing from the Bishop.

Those present also heard from Mike and Joy Wanless who offered their advice after 40 years of marriage.

Mike and Joy reminded the couples of the importance to make time for each other. They also told those present

“There are three little words that are important in our marriage – you were right!”

Mike and Joy spoke on behalf of the whole diocese as they wished all the engaged couples a happy wedding day, but more importantly a happy marriage.

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