Christmas Message from Bishop John

Saturday 25th December 2021

Well, we’re probably disappointed again this year – aren’t we – in the way we approach Christmas? We can’t be doing everything we planned to do, we can’t see everybody that we want to see, or travel everywhere that we might want to go.

But behind all the disappointments, we’ve actually  got a real reason for celebrating Christmas in its original sense. For this is a time of hope. God sent His son Jesus into the world at a very difficult time: Mary had to travel  a great distance to give birth in a stable, they were under military oppression, and then  they became refugees into Egypt. But all the time, there is that sense of hope: that this is part of  God’s plan, despite all the difficulties.

And so this year, let’s celebrate that real sense of hope in Christmas. Let’s see all the challenges that face us in our world – not just the pandemic and  climate change – but so many other things that we need to put right to make our world a better world and to care for our common home and our brothers and sisters.

So in the quietness of Christmas, let’s look at the crib and see the Christ child. There’s no need for words. He’s just stretching  his hands out, asking to be loved and offering us hope. And by our being there in silence, that is our prayer: to look forward in hope.

God bless you all for this Christmas and in the coming year.

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