5 ways to get involved with Hope in the Future in your parish

Tuesday 17th April 2018

This week the final resources for Stage 1 of the Hope in the Future Journey have been distributed to parishes. You can find a copy of all the resources online.

If you haven’t got involved with Hope in the Future yet here are 5 simple ways you can!

1. Pray for the success of the Programme in your Parish 

“If Hope in the Future is going to work we have to make sure that it is built on the foundation of prayer” Bishop John

Ask the Holy Spirit to guide the programme and to show you the ways you can get involved. Spend time praying before Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament and use some of the reflections and prayers available on our website to pray for our parish communities – www.dioceseofsalford.org.uk/faith/prayer/

 2. Start/join a Hope in the Future Parish Team

Is there a Hope in the Future team in your parish? If you are unsure ask your parish priest. If there is, great, ask if you can join. If not why not set one up? For support email hope@dioceseofsalford.org.uk or call 0161 817 2222.

3. Use your Gifts and Talents for the benefit of the Parish

At the heart of all vocations is a YES to God. As we prepare to start Stage 2 on our Diocesan Journey in October pray between now and then asking God to show you what he wants you to do next in your parish. Be open to using your gifts, talents and charisms. Be open, say YES and God will use you in amazing ways. Reflection available here.

4. Share the Good News of Jesus to those around you

We are called by Jesus to ‘make disciples of all nations’. This can be a challenge and sometimes we don’t know where to start but here are a few suggestions which you can try in your parish to share the Good News of Jesus in your community.

5. Keep up to date with the Programme

The ‘parishes’ section of our website will be regularly updated with resources, information about upcoming events/training and shared good practice from across the Diocese – www.dioceseofsalford.org.uk/faith/

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