Celebrating our Local Communities this Interfaith Week

Tuesday 12th November 2019

From 10 – 17th November, people of all faiths and none across Britain will unite to celebrate interfaith week.

Interfaith relations are important in increasing understanding and creating a harmonious society in which we can celebrate our commonalities and differences.

Interfaith Week:

  • Highlights the good work done by local faith, inter faith and faith-based groups and organisations
  • Draws new people into inter faith learning and cooperation
  • Enables greater interaction between people of different backgrounds
  • Helps develop integrated and neighbourly communities
  • Celebrates diversity and commonality
  • Opens new possibilities for partnership

Building good relationships and working partnerships between people of different faiths and beliefs is part of the work of the diocese all year round. We support the special week as it provides a focal point, helping to open inter faith activity up to a wider audience so that more and more people are made aware of the importance of this vital work and are able to participate in it.

In our diocese, we have strong links with Citizens UK, a project which see people of different faiths, religions and backgrounds working together for their local community. Many of our churches are part of Churches Together which focuses on ecumenism, and over a number of years we have got to know our Muslim brothers and sisters. 

We do all of this work in faith and with the continued desire to build up cohesive and welcoming communities for all.

Find out more about interfaith and dialogue work in our diocese 

“Dialogue is a principle task of our time and the Church must enter into dialogue with the world in which it lives.  It has something to say, a message to give, a communication to make”

Paul VI Encyclical ‘Ecclesiam Suam’

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